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Submissions open Oct 15 - Nov 1, 2020


This year has seen a number of large wildfires, from Australia to California. Four of the five largest fires in California history have occurred in 2020.

Fire has been given many symbolic meanings, from energy to destruction to rebirth. While it can have a devastating impact on humans, it also serves as a part of the ecosystem, clearing out the old and ushering in the new.  For centuries, fire has shaped our landscapes, cooked our food, and kept us warm; but it can also be deadly.

For this round of submissions, we ask you to consider your relationship with fire, and the relationship of fire to the world around it. Do you think of backyard bonfires? Raging infernos? Controlled burning? Birthday candles?

Proceeds from this contest will go to reforestation efforts following the California wildfires.

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