Tiny Seed is an online literary journal for readers and writers of nature-inspired writing.  

Tiny Seed’s mission is to support writers and artists by providing an online journal to showcase their work while giving back to nature.

Theme: Plant Your Words!

Submission Period: July 15 – September 1, 2022

Tiny Seed Journal will be publishing a “Plant Your Words” inspired Anthology as our next Journal theme. While not required, we encourage writers to learn from and enjoy the Plant Your Words book, Journal, and Workshop when submitting their poetry pieces to Tiny Seed Journal. We also invite photographers to submit their plant-inspired photos to this Journal!


Order Plant Your Words Here!

25% of Anthology Submission fees and 100% of Plant Your Words Workshop fees will be donated to a horticultural group creating a reading garden – more details coming soon!

We welcome your submission.

  • Tiny Seed is a haven for writers, artists, and photographers inspired by the natural world.
  • All writers & artists retain full rights to their work.
  • If the submission fees are a barrier to you sharing your work, please get in touch with us at info@tinyseedjournal.com

Thanks for being part of this incredible community of nature lovers.

  We believe the power to protect nature is in all our hands.

  • Tiny Seed Press is a haven for writers, artists, and photographers inspired by the natural world.
  • All writers & artists retain full rights to their work.
  • Our mission is for poets and photographers to go outside, be in the moment, connect with nature and tap into their creativity!
  • Please contact us if you have any questions.

Tiny Seed Literary Journal is a program of the Tiny Seed Project 501(c)3.



Please read through our Mission, policies, and general information on fiscal sponsorship before applying. 

We will invite applicants to submit a more detailed application after an initial review by our board. We are looking to support projects that align with our mission statement.

Our Mission: to support, empower and assist community-based conservation and restoration projects.

Tiny Seed Project encourages creative endeavors that promote conservation of our planet, by way of environmental awareness, and community building to preserve and protect nature.

  • Through fiscal sponsorship, we empower creative environmentally focused projects, events, or fundraisers to succeed, with the support of our nonprofit status and administrative team.
  • Using Tiny Seed Project as your fiscal sponsor offers a way for your cause or project to attract donors even when it is not yet recognized as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3).
  • Projects must be in alignment with Tiny Seed Project’s mission to be sponsored.

Fiscal Sponsorship Policies

• Funds sponsored by the Tiny Seed Project must be used towards goals consistent with the mission of the Tiny Seed Project and must comply with any restrictions placed by the funder.

• Activities funded must fit within the IRS guidelines for non-profit activities; i.e., they must be educational, charitable, or scientific.

• Applicants must include their mission, by-laws or an equivalent statement of purpose with their application for fiscal sponsorship.

• All grant proposals will be received and reviewed by Tiny Seed Project staff prior to submission to a funder (Tiny Seed Project submits the documents to the funder). Tiny Seed Project will attach a letter confirming fiscal sponsorship and Tiny Seed Project tax status to each sponsored grant proposal.

• Sponsored entities submit annual reports to the Tiny Seed Project. Annual reports for the prior calendar year should be submitted by February 15th so the project leaders have 45 days to pull together their information and provide a summary of highlights.

• Tiny Seed Project does not advance funds in anticipation of expenditures. We require receipts for all expenses reimbursed through sponsored monies. To be reimbursed; all requests must be accompanied by a receipt and meet 501(c)(3) guidelines.

• Significant expenditures purchased through fiscally sponsored funds (e.g. computers, printers, copy machines) may be purchased directly by Tiny Seed Project with funds withdrawn from the sponsored account.


Tiny Seed Project may end a fiscal sponsorship for cause, including non-compliance with sponsorship conditions, or if an entity becomes inactive. Upon ending of sponsorship Tiny Seed Project may require the entity to find a new sponsor within a stipulated period of time, or for gross violations, may terminate a sponsorship and return funds to the grantor.

Administrative Overhead

TINY SEED PROJECT currently retains a 7% administrative fee for the total funds administered for sponsored projects and a negotiable 10% administration fee for administering Federal grants. When funds are received and banked for the project, that 7% (or 10% if Federal grant funds) is automatically withdrawn. Negotiated administrative fees for Federal grant administration must be documented in writing prior to the submission of the grant application.

Fiscal Sponsorship general information:

FISCAL SPONSORSHIP allows groups to receive tax-deductible donations and grant funding for their work without having to incorporate and become their own 501 (c)(3) non-profit entity.

TINY SEED PROJECT provides non-profit fiscal sponsorship services for specific conservation & restoration projects and organizations that are compatible with our mission and meet our guidelines.

TINY SEED PROJECT’s mission is to support, empower and assist community-based conservation and restoration projects.

TINY SEED PROJECT receives and administers the funds, ensures that grant guidelines and goals are achieved, and reports to both the funders and the IRS. This service allows groups to put their efforts and resources toward the projects they are working on without each group needing to maintain a bookkeeper, tax accountant, or Board of Directors.

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